Two Mistresses

Do you want to experience the thrill of a double domination? Abandon yourself to the will of two professional Mistresses who will shape you as they please. Double the intensity of your submission and live an experience you will not forget…


Are you interested in having a meeting with me and my assistant? She is a novice, inexperienced, and she has a lot to learn… It could be the friend who comes to visit me in a role-playing game, it could be the presence that watches you and is amazed at the submission that I will inflict on you, maybe even laughing at you, it could be my assistant… Come find out!


Jonathan Tower, well-educated and refined Master, strongly dominant both mentally and physically. Lover of disguise while maintaining his virility, he will support me during the session to submit you to our desires and our will.


My trans friend will dominate you together with me… You’ll be at the mercy of an unconventional femininity to explore new aspects of your sexuality and break out of the box.


Are you a beginner or just curious? Are you attracted to this world but you are not sure how a meeting unfolds? Sit back and enjoy the show… and who knows, the next one to suffer could be you!

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